In 7 short months $1,667,000 has been raised for Diagnostic Imaging!

Picture This...keeping health care close to home for all residents of the Rainy River District

A district wide campaign to upgrade the X-Ray rooms, purchase an elevating fluoroscopy table, and replace the CT scanner and digital mammography machine for Riverside Health Care Facilities to benefit all Rainy River District residents.



The Riverside Foundation for Health Care and the Picture This Cabinet Committee are excited to announce that the $1.5 million dollar goal for improvements and upgrades to the Diagnostic Imaging Department at Riverside Health Care Facilities has been surpassed!

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago while on maternity leave with my youngest son.

That first week was tough, but I will be forever grateful that the diagnostic imaging equipment needed to support my diagnoses was available through Riverside. Myself and my family could remain at home with our support system during that difficult time as opposed to being hit with the additional stress of travel outside the district. The exceptional level of care that I experience is one that should be afforded to all residents of our district, and begins with having high quality equipment at our facilities.

Meghan Cox Campaign Co-Chair

From a personal view, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 with results from the existing mammography and ultrasound. I am passionate about having the best current diagnostic equipment here at home. We may not be able to do it ALL here; however, treatment close to home is important to me. I am looking forward to getting my annual with all new equipment. Please support this campaign.

Picture mammography, new ultrasound, new CT scan.

 Linda Hamilton Campaign Co-Chair

Riverside is pleased the Foundation has chosen this project to fundraise for. It ultimately provides upgrades to critical equipment required to meet the needs of the district. The upgrades will enhance imaging thus improving diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, providing diagnostic tests more safely with less radiation exposure. I am happy to be a part of this truly exciting and valuable campaign.

 Julie Loveday Riverside Executive VP Clinical Services and CNE

Imaging has become a significant diagnostic tool that Physicians use to confirm their clinical assessment of disease process.

In order to facilitate the best health outcomes for the residents of the Rainy River District, it is imperative that we have the capabilities to provide images that can be used to diagnose accurately and that we have multiple imaging modality's that are current and state of the art.

Bernie Rittau Manager, Diagnostic Imaging