Picture This Campaign Surpasses Goal!


Riverside Foundation for Health Care along with the Picture This Campaign Cabinet and Riverside Health Care Facilities is excited to announce that after only 7 months the $1.5 million dollar fundraising goal for new diagnostic imaging equipment has not only been met, but surpassed!

Thanks to the generosity of the public, $1.66 million dollars has been raised ahead of schedule for the purchase of an elevating table for the fluoroscopy room, software upgrades to the x-ray machines to bring them from analog to digital, a new digital mammography machine and a new CT scanner. These upgrades will allow the Diagnostic Imaging department at Riverside Health Care to not only continue to serve the public with access to imaging, but will allow them to do so with reduced radiation exposure to patients and staff. In addition, the new equipment will have greater image acuity which in turn will mean greater diagnostic capabilities for our physicians.  

The Picture This campaign was launched quietly in May 2021 and received a kick off donation from the Estate of Olive Eisenhauer in the amount of $420,000. The Campaign Cabinet worked tirelessly behind the scenes soliciting donations from Municipalities and other major and lead donors prior to a public launch that took place in September 2021. At the conclusion of the public launch almost 86% of the campaign goal had already been achieved.

Donations continued to roll in over the next few months from private citizens and local businesses alike, but it was a pledge of $70,000 received from the La Verendrye General Hospital Auxiliary that put the campaign over the top. To date $1,667,020.73 has been either donated or pledged to the Foundation for the campaign, with almost $1M of that already being received in office. The funds in excess of the goal will be held in contingency until final costs of equipment and installation are known. Anything above and beyond what is needed for the campaign will still be put to good use in the support of health care close to home at any one of the four Riverside facilities that the Foundation supports.

The Riverside Foundation and the Campaign Cabinet extend their sincere appreciation and gratitude to the members of the community that contributed in any way to the campaign. Every dollar given, social media share or like, participation in the public launch and 50/50 ticket purchase helped to put us one step closer to the goal. Kindness and generosity is certainly alive and thriving in the Rainy River District!

Donations towards the campaign are still being accepted and can be made online, over the phone or via mail. To see a full list of donors and learn more about the benefits of the new equipment that is coming to our district visit www.riversidefoundation.ca/picturethiscampaign.

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