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Diagnostic Imaging Department Receives New Equipment Thanks to Picture This campaign!

The Diagnostic Imaging department at LVGH has received a huge upgrade thanks to the Picture This campaign. $1.7 million dollars was raised in 7 months to purchase a new CT scanner, a new digital mammography machine, and provide upgrades to the X-ray rooms. All the equipment has been installed and is now in use, allowing the DI department to provide a level of care on par with large city centres.

The X-ray rooms have been upgraded from analogue to digital. This means that instead of it taking upwards of 3 minutes for the x-ray tech to view an image they took, it now appears on screen in a matter of seconds. This makes a world of difference when dealing with patients that are in a lot of pain, patients that are unable to remain still for long periods of time and young patients.

The new Digital Mammography machine, which became operational on August 24th provides much higher resolution images, allowing areas of concern to be identified at a greater capacity. Additionally, the new machine is maneuverable in such a manner that mobility limited patients are able to be screened. To celebrate the new arrival, the Riverside Breast Education Program held a successful mammo blitz on Oct 24th in which 32 patients walked in for screening. This is the highest number seen during a mammo blitz.

Mammography images of the same patient from the previous mammography machine (left) and the new machine (right).

On October 3rd, the new CT scanner became operational. Scans can be completed in a shorter amount of time with less radiation exposure to both the patient and the tech. The machine has a higher resolution which means that some patients that were required to travel to receive scans on a better machine, are now able to receive them close to home. The higher resolution of the new scanner also means an improvement in the TeleStroke program. Neurosurgeons are able to assess scans sent to them and determine the best course of action. Additionally, techs have the ability to remove scatter from the scans caused by artificial joints or limbs, which provides a much clearer image of the area being scanned.

CT images of the same patient with a hip replacement on the old machine (left) and the new machine (right) showing how the scatter caused by the artificial hip can be removed on the new machine providing for a much clearer image.

The Riverside Foundation thanks everyone that gave generously to the Picture This campaign. 

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